• 10th May 2020

    A created mate in 2017

    I spoke with a customer in Europe. She bought three Rubber refills, and that was it. I emailed her, thinking she made a mistake because you need a tube and impression mix. She said she only needs the…

    Published by Coralie in Europe Sorry I have to keep her privacy.

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  • 30th Apr 2020

    Fun With someone Special

    There is a percentage of people that buy more impression mix after there first kit. There is also a percentage of people that buy more rubber. They are about equal. If I was doing this by myself or wi…

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  • 1st Mar 2020


    The majority of people get Createamate with one kit. There is a small percent that has to reorder powder. There is the same percent that have an extra powder and order more rubber to make another repl…

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  • 4th Jan 2020

    Valentines Day is coming

    Giving someone a Createamate gets you the Fun and Laughs we all desire. The moment they open it up and see what it is you will want to take that picture. Have Fun Discount codes on Facebook and G…

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  • 27th Aug 2016

    Tips Page

    Read the tips page on the directions. They are from years tweaking. Use 'castme' and save 20% off.…

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  • 25th May 2016


    Take advantage of bulk pricing "2 or more" and add coupon code "CREATEME" and Save today 5/25/16. This is a great offer.…

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  • 4th Mar 2016

    20 Years of perfecting

    We want folks to get a good cast with their first penis molding kit your penis. Everyone will enjoy the ease of use of quality system that we take pride in.Createamate provides since 1996…

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  • 2nd Mar 2016

    Saving on Suction Cups Casting Systems

    We reduced the price of our suction cup casting systems to the same price as our viberator casting systems.We are passing the saving of cost to you. Thank you for choosing Createamate The First Innova…

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