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Made out of safe material and what great fun!By Tamcan Size: Single PackColor: Lite Skin Tone Verified Purchase As described - safe material - not cheap like others I have seen in stores.Good choice and discreet packaging in the mail - THANKS

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Q.What diameter is the casting tube and how do you suggest resolving a bent penis?A..My tube is 3-1/2 inches across "wide". My end cap has hole in it. When you have the cover over your "member" you can move your member to the best position on a dry run. Find the spot and if someone [...]

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Ask questions /Thank you

Thank you everyone, for choosing Createamate this holiday season. Please make sure you read your instructions. Get a vision on how you capture your impression from reading the instructions. I am always here to answer your questions, give you tips, help you any way I can for you to all create your replica. Simply email [...]

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An email question

How long do I need to wait after creating the cast to be able to use it?Kelly, You can demold in 5 hours. If your impression came out great,rinse it out,dry it, mix and pour in another rubber and make another replica. If you do this it is not in the directions. I would tell you [...]

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Discrete Shipping

Hi Everyone, We always ship in a discreetly in a plan brown box. PepRuss Creative is our corporation’s name. No one will tell its contents. Even shipping overseas, we write Alginate, Rubber and Hardener on the customs forms naming the raw material rather that what you make with it. So you have not worries. Just do not ship it [...]

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coupon codes

See us on Twitter, Facebook and many more social media places. There is a very good chance you will find discont codes there

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Good Viberations

Our custom-made vibrator has been out for a while now. Some experienced folks wrote in complimenting the new vibrator. They like the power and more so they like that it give more material on sides, just as we planned when designing this with the manufacture.

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A really good Cast

Casting is easy; I say this because I have done it so many times. But it's your first time, so it can get intimidating for some. If so relax. The worst thing you can do is freak out. You can always get new casting material. You can always ask me questions, I'm always here and ready to give tips [...]

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Imagine? How cool would this be...

Hey check this out--- Cool! Difficult to find but Cool!

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Coupon Codes

See us on Twitter, Facebook and many more social media places. There is a very good chance you will find discont codes there.

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