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fp-cartoon-100.jpgCreatemate Suction Cup Casting System

The Suction Cup is my favorite kit. There are more versatile uses for these kits; It's strong suction power grips strongly to flat surfaces like a headboard or floor. It may fit in some harnesses. Use your imagination for this kit, the fun Fantasies are endless. 

             Handle, Suction Cup and STraP-oN, are all interchangeable and found in accessories.


Quick Set Impression: Thanks to its excellent ability to capture details, one of the most common alginate powder applications are lifecasting (making a three-dimensional mold of any part of the human body. Using our Alginate mix, you will capture your impression at your largest point. Alginate is safe for the body, Derived from seaweed; it is used in the dental industry and body casting industry. People use it for whole body casting. Our mix sets up very fast to capture you at your largest point.


100% Silicone Rubber: Captures the print of your penis in super fine detail! 100% Silicone Rubber is clean, safe Non Allergenic, Tasteless and Odorless. Silicone is Phthalate free, Latex free, Hypoallergenic body safe. 


Our Custom Casting Sleeve is "3" wide": has a pour spout and end caps that allow you to stand up comfortably while focusing on what is essential, keeping at your largest point. The 3" wide tube gives your member plenty of room avoiding touching the side. Other systems will only give 2 1/2 wide, so they save on material. The narrowcasting sleeve causes your penis to squeeze impression material out, making your penis get wide at the base. With Create-a-Mate tube, you will get your actual full length.tube-crop-350.jpgAngle Adjuster End Cap:Always thinking of how to make the casing process easy for everyone to do in the privacy of your home, I came up with the angle adjuster. The Angle adjuster's unique feature is to keep you centered in the casting tube. With the tube pressed against your body, you move the whole casting tube up, down, left, or right to keep yourself centered.



Each of these components The End Cap, The wider Casting Sleeve, The fast setting Impression Mix are all an essential part of capturing your 

"Love tooL" at it's Largest point.

  All Createamates are shipped discreetly.



2.00 LBS


4 Reviews

  • 5
    We had a blast!!

    Published by Kitty on 17th May 2016

    This was a lot of fun. Not only did we create an "almost" perfect (usable) replica of my husbands member, But it will be an adventure that we will remember for a very long time. We failed miserably at the first molding attempt. I just wasn't quick enough with the batter and it clumped up half way through pouring. Lots of giggles with us trying to get it to work anyway. Our second attempt was much better. We got what we thought was perfection. I put the mold upside down in the refrigerator for about 5 hours. I then mixed parts A and B together and did a high, thin stream pour into the mold with the silicone. I left it over night and we removed it from the mold in the morning. Everything turned out beautifully except a couple of spots on the head are slightly deformed (would post a pic if I could). Not sure what caused this and if we had known they were there we may have ordered more batter and tried again

  • 5
    Better than competitors

    Published by Brandon on 6th May 2016

    I'll do this review as a bit of a comparison between Create-a-Mate and it's widely available competition, Clone-a-Willy. I have made 2 Clone-a-Willy kits in the past, first one with a vibrator which my wife said was too hard to use comfortably so we tried one minus the vibrator and it was still uncomfortable for her - scratch that idea I thought. I kept looking though and one of the things I read on the Create-a-Mate site was their silicon was softer than other brands, I can confirm this is the case, it's got noticeably more give and flexibility and my wife finds it great to use.

    This kit comes with ~4 times the moulding powder of a Clone-a-Willy kit which means the length you cut your tube is not as critical and the tube itself is significantly bigger in diameter which is great if you're curved, also the endcaps give the tube much more rigidity. Speaking of being curved, I curve up a fair bit and the problem I ran into on the first casting was my head surfacing in the fill hole, a combination of flotation and curve I suspect(I can't express how handy it is having two moulding attempts in the kit) so I ended up taping the fill hole and pouring the alginate in the other end of the tube vertically, if you're curved down or straight this won't present a problem though.

    All in all this kit is a superior option and will definitely see use rather than be a curiosity project which never sees the light of day.

  • 4
    the real Mccoy

    Published by Unknown on 12th Nov 2014

    Product instructions need to be followed to the letter, if this is done, you should have an excellent finished product. My only issue is that when I am erect and inside the tube with the molding material inside, my penis tends to hit the top of the molding container, I had to keep it pushed down with my finger. This is turn created a hole in the cast. I should have used a smaller item to keep my penis down, but we plugged the hole and poured the silicone in and everything came out as we hoped.

  • 5
    I Love the Softness of Color

    Published by Amanda on 27th Oct 2014

    I bought the purple suction cup kit and asked if they can make a lighter tone. It was perfect. We did our casting this past friday and had a blast. Saturday morning turned into a real delight.

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