Mix one of the two supplied Impression Material with
water for only 45 seconds and pour into Casting Sleeve. 
 483-pouring-jpg.jpg  Place Casting sleeve over your penis. By moving the casting sleeve up, down left and right you can center yourself to get a good impression. The 3" wide casting sleeve gives you plenty of material on around your member, keeping you from touching the sides. This also allows you to stand up in comfort keeping this pressed firmly against your body to capture your full length.
The view of the end cap shows you how it seals around your dick. 
 5656-pouring-crop-200.jpg  Simply mix Part A and Part B together and pour in your impression
Peel off the Impression Material to reveal your Replica.

Create-a-Mate is not only first and original casting system in the world it's the BEST. 



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