Spectrume Collection


fp-cartoon-100.jpgThe colors are so cool. Its proper name is The Spectrum Collection. Each color comes in the Handle, Suction Cup, Vibrator, and StraP-oN.

Our Penis Casting System is Fun and Easy to make alone or with a partner. We utilize a Quick-Set Impression material that captures you at your largest point. In our casting system, we provide TWO bags of material to capture your admirable appendage. If you do not get it on the first try, do not worry, we offer two with our kids. You will not be left hanging with only one attempt on a Friday night. We utilize 100% silicone rubber, which is safe, non-allergenic, tasteless, and odorless. Our rubber will capture all the details that make you unique. You will create a replica of you at your full length because we utilize a wide casting sleeve with a pour spout at the top, which allows you to be comfortable standing up, not guessing where your dick is.

Our End Cap has a hole in it. The end cap serves two purposes. It helps keep you centered in the casting sleeve without touching the sides; most importantly, you can press it up against your body in comfort to capture the "full length of your penis," giving you a nice clean finish at the bottom.



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